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Sendy Newsletter Generator How to send newsletter?

Discussion in 'Add-on Support' started by Sonnie, Jul 6, 2017.

  1. Sonnie

    Sonnie New Member Licensed Customer

    So we have options, we have the preview... but how do we actually send the newsletter? I don't see it... nor do I see any instructions anywhere on how to send it. I must be blind!!!

    And can we send it to a select usergroup or user for testing purposes? I know we have the preview, but we would like to actually preview it in various email clients first, before sending out to all members.

  2. BamaStangGuy

    BamaStangGuy Administrator Staff Member Licensed Customer

    Per the description it only works with Sendy out of the box for sending the actual newsletter. Its a one time purchase from their website and integrates with either Amazon SES or other SMTP providers. SES is the preferred method.
  3. Sonnie

    Sonnie New Member Licensed Customer

    Yeah... not being familiar with Sendy... it is a bit misleading. I am thinking newsletter generator that has a send option via XF, but Sendy is required to make it operate/function. The comment, "it only works with Sendy", can mean a LOT of different things... but not necessarily that login to Sendy is required and the actual emails are sent using Sendy. For the newbie to the forum world, you might spell this out a little better. While I figured it out, I can certainly see where others may not figure it out so easily... or will have to ask, or may not even try it because it's not explained well enough. Maybe let folks know that they will need to setup/verify Amazon SES, and that setting up a list with Sendy (acquiring list ID for Nobita sync), setting up the campaign with Sendy, is all required. That is not explained anywhere that I could find... I just basically fumble and stumbled my way thru it all (discovering new requirements along the way)... if you know what I mean.
  4. BamaStangGuy

    BamaStangGuy Administrator Staff Member Licensed Customer

    It isn't misleading. It says it only works with Sendy.co. If you aren't familiar with it you shouldn't be buying something that
    • Works Only With Sendy.co
    It is priced at $50 because it isn't easy to create mobile email newsletter css and html. Especially with dynamic content. I created it for our use first and then released it for everyone else. It isn't meant to be the Swiss army knife of add-ons. The reason it doesn't do the things you want it to is because we already have those features via other add-ons. When we move to XF 2, we will probably rewrite this add-on to include the API sending and the API sync of users. Until then, we bout Sendy.co, we manually copy the html into Sendy and we use a 3rd party add-on to sync our users with Sendy.
  5. Sonnie

    Sonnie New Member Licensed Customer

    I suppose that's why there are not that many users, since you apparently don't care what others think about how you present it. I am simply telling you how I perceived it, but you don't really seem to care. If you don't really care if it's marketed any better, so be it... that's certainly your choice.

    I was not one bit familiar with Sendy, so I guess I shouldn't have bought it. lol
  6. BamaStangGuy

    BamaStangGuy Administrator Staff Member Licensed Customer

    I didn't release it to maximize sales. I created it specifically for our needs. There have been a few adjustments with feedback but if its something that we aren't going to need then it probably won't make it into the add-on.

    With that said, when we upgrade our first site to XenForo 2, it will get a complete rewrite and include a few of the major features such as user sync and use of the API to automatically add the newsletter to Sendy via the XenForo Admin area.